My Story

How It All Started


In 2005, I had started investigating abstract/candid art through digital photography. I was totally enamored and in 2012 my heart started singing again and The Candid Shutterbug was born. I wanted to share what I was capturing with the world. My artistry within the photography medium has evolved over the years to elicit a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions.  These nuances have shown up for me in landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, architecture, abstract and candid photos of people and families. 

Why the Bird of Paradise?


The Bird of Paradise is a Story teller, symbolic of rare beauties, giving flight to dreams, exotic and captivating in its very nature, encouraging one to explore the unchartered territories to find the personal paradise that awaits us all .

Always Loving Art


I started loving art and abstract and candid creativity in the fall of 1973 at about 6 yrs old after we moved to Indianapolis, Indiana from Wilmette, Illinois. Art actually outside of school allowed for an 'escape' from my (pesky) twin brothers. Through grade school and junior high years of school, I loved learning different forms of artistic expression. One sixth grade project allowed me to use tissue paper for an abstract interpretation of 'Morning of the Carnival Day.' My art teacher entered this into the State of Indiana art contest, and  I won 1st place.